Our Origin Story, by Angela McArdle

I just wanted a women’s cosmetics line that was made for, modeled by and marketed to women.

I don’t spend a lot of time shopping for or putting on makeup. But I found myself spending more and more time shopping for makeup recently as I tried to find a brand that didn’t use wokeness or inclusiveness pandering as a marketing tactic. So many cosmetics companies out there use male models for women's products now. It’s ridiculous. When I'm shopping for a product, I wanna know how makeup will look on me - a woman. So that’s why I started this cosmetics line. We only advertise to women. We only use biological women as our models.

10 years ago, this wouldn’t be a controversial business plan. But it is now. 

Technically, anyone can go out and buy our products. I don’t have any ill will towards transgender women or men who wear makeup - but this line was created to meet the needs of biological women. To help them reclaim their space as the ultimate cultivators of beauty and femininity. I think we need that right now.

We're hoping for products to be available by the end of May. We're doing rigorous quality control, sourcing hypoallergenic ingredients, trying to avoid animal testing, and putting a liberty spin on everything. I believe in the free market and I think this product line is going to meet a real need in the marketplace.

If you believe in this concept, if you’d like to get one of the first product releases at a discounted rate, please reserve your eyeshadow palette, blush, or bronzer today.

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